Lively and beautiful Madrid was the chosen place in 2018 to welcome the CPHI fair. A visit before, created a clear picture of the space that we were allowed to transform into a VIP Lounge. The lively and beautiful elements of Madrid itself were allowed to be translated indoors and as an interior stylist this is a challenge. Taking into account the space and the colors present in this room, a suitable proposal has been made for the VIP Lounge design. At Expo Flora we always try to show the potential of a space. Sometimes it is difficult to imagine what it might look like in the end. Through a collaboration of 15 years, a considerable relationship of trust has been built between us and the exhibition organization. This confidence was once again not misplaced, because the final result exceeded expectations.

“Coherence and a well-thought-out proposal. I took into account the elements present and included them in the design. By drawing attention to the right places with the right color combinations, a contemporary look has been created.”

Bo Enthoven (Senior Interior Stylist)

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