Playing on the senses

Seeing, feeling, hearing, smelling and tasting are the elements that were triggered during the FIE. The entire stand was all about experiencing. An inspiring, attractive design that has been elaborated down to the smallest detail has created a feast for everyone’s senses.

In terms of sight, it takes a person only seven seconds to form a first impression. An interesting, well-thought-out room – with eye-catching accessories and lighting in the right places – therefore contributes to a positive image.

With regard to feel, natural wood, plants, grass carpet and fabrics that feel pleasant have been used. The experience is further stimulated by the use of fragrance dispensers. Hearing has also been taken into account by adding nature sounds. And in the field of tasting, the taste buds were certainly not forgotten.

In this space we have created a green oasis, with various seating areas where visitors could literally and figuratively recharge (powercubes). By taking into account our 5 senses, we have been able to provide an entire experience. In my opinion, experience is about feeling, both physically and emotionally and the experience is reflected in every small detail. ”

Annemiek de Kruijff (Senior Interior Stylist)

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