Be stimulated, surprised and inspired by this innovative world, which has been specially designed for the hotel industry. The theme of this edition of hotelworld at the horecava 2020 was Pacific Dream; Bora Bora.

We have been able to realize the total concept, a unique hotel experience of almost 1500 M2; floors, block systems, branding, furniture and of course the decorative elements that have made it so perfect. During the process, there was a lot of collaboration with various parties and partners, who all had their own wishes. We have translated this into a result to be proud of.

Extra curious? Watch the video !

”We have arrived at this total concept by researching and visualizing from a living document. The sightlines of the visitors from every angle are created in such a way that you actually have the feeling that you are on Bora Bora. And that was exactly our starting point; create a unique hotel experience; the pacific dream.”

Annemiek de Kruijff (Senior Interior Stylist)

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