Intertraffic 2018 – Community HUB

different “functions” in 1 room!

Intertraffic Amsterdam is the platform where professionals from all over the world can meet. It is a trade fair that you have to attend to keep abreast of developments in infrastructure, safety, parking, smart mobility and traffic management. With approximately 800 exhibitors from 47 countries and a number of visitors of more than 30,000 from 134 countries around the world, this is a successful fair for RAI Amsterdam. Expo Flora was able to participate in this by having the various “functions” take place in one room (Elicium) together with the organization. It was important that the   radiated one whole!

“Then there is one space in which different types of functions have to be incorporated… Expo Flora was instructed by the organization to draw up the Elysium, taking into account the different suppliers and the way in which a certain ‘function’ is used by a visitor and /or exhibitor. A real challenge because the atmosphere in this space is especially important. The functions (including Sales & Rebook stand, Theater, Catering, Terrace, Innovation Award, connect places and various seminar rooms) have been given a single atmosphere by choosing a good base (black) and making it a nice combination with various colors and materials. The layout of this large space is clearly visible on the floor plan. The end result says enough, right?”

Bo Enthoven (Senior Interior Stylist)

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