Leaders Summit Lounge – IBC 2016

Luxury in round shapes


A lounge that is slightly different from the others… Sit down, have lunch, relax, and above all network. By using various furniture: large & small, high & low, the space gets a luxurious atmosphere. Multifunctional with luxurious decoration that determines the atmosphere experience. The round shapes are reflected in our self-designed benches and poufs. We have also designed new round tables for RAI Amsterdam. All our designs match each other perfectly.

“We work very closely with Expo Flora, with Stefan Enthoven who was our point of contact for this exhibition and that went very well. We are very satisfied with the creativity and especially the flexibility of Expo Flora. In the industry where Expo Flora is located, companies have a fixed line that they stick to for a number of years. What distinguishes Expo Flora is that they add new things to these fixed lines, resulting in a new line. I think this is what appeals to us!”

Martin van Nierop – Director Convention Center – RAI Amsterdam

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