Online Studio’s

Fortunately, many exchanges find their way online.

By means of a nicely furnished studio and the technology of the moment, it is a very good alternative. Online events are only expected to increase in the near future.

We can realize this unique setting for you. Thanks to a wide range of atmospheric furnishing, we can furnish any space as a studio entirely to measure.

We take care of the entire interior, consisting of the rear walls, a large speaker table with beautiful armchairs and of course the decoration in plants, flowers and accessories that match the appearance of the event.

Do you want to make it intimate with a homely setting, or does a sleek and business-like appearance suit the viewer more? It is also possible to provide the online studio with your own branding in various ways. We make the studio attractive to look at.

Creating the difference!

To properly visualize the speakers, at a safe distance from each other, we have developed special tables. In addition, we draw in COVID circles in our designs, so that it is clear in advance that the 1,5 meters away can be used perfectly.

In this way we have already set up a number of successful and safe online events for our customers!

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