VIV Europe 2018

Just the WHOLE hall

The VIV Europe focuses on innovative livestock farming. Not only the livestock farming is innovative, but also the design of this hall. In 2017 we had the first agreements with the organization. From a sketch we have put together a proposal from our point of view. A total concept with an atmosphere experience and we also thought about the various commercial options. We have divided the hall into the various parts: Entrance & reception, registration, theatre, vitality square, Innovation Circle and catering terrace. All with the aim of offering clarity, tranquility and inspiration for the visitor. Watch the VIDEO for the entire design!

“The stands were tents, so that the farmers could present themselves well. The vitality square contained tailor-made presentation blocks where 20 companies could present themselves. The Innovation Circle was a park design with different signs to inspire the visitor even more. And a new pallet column design for the theater topped it off. The total hall has 1 unit by keeping the materials and colors the same: lots of green and wooden elements. We looked at the content of each part and made a total concept of it.”

Dewi Wolswijk (Senior Interior Stylist)

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