A space with a magical appearance!

A spectacular gala for about 1000 people in the transformed Elicium in RAI Amsterdam. The space took on a magical appearance. The reason for this benefit gala was the 105th anniversary of the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital. The gala raised money for the promising immunotherapy research. Expo Flora has once again shown its best side. The floral arrangements were taken to an even higher level by bringing back the color palette of gold, purple and orange in a refined way. The large quantities, the chic look and the enchanting feeling were not to be missed during this unique evening. 1000 guests enjoyed it.

”A lot of energy is released when creating a suitable whole. The color combinations, the chic appearance and the entrance area matched this spectacular benefit gala. The flower arrangements on the table topped it off and together with various parties the Elicium was really transformed into a true party. ”

Dewi Wolswijk (Senior Interior Stylist)

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