LHV square 2018

Coordination with suppliers & exhibitors

LHV 2018 was a successful and inspiring edition. The eleventh edition of the LHV Huisartsbeurs was all about healthy ambition and attracted many GPs and practice employees. Expo Flora has contributed to this by means of the correct decoration of the fair. We have used the LHV house style throughout the entire exhibition. It was a challenge to use the blue/green of the logo as an accent. Striking colors, but subtle in the effect. As the organization indicated: ”all details are correct!” We are proud of the end result and had a video made especially for this fair.

“We had the goal of this edition to mean even more to the organization. As a result, we sat around the table early (1 year before the opening of the fair). We have tried to reflect the theme “healthy ambition” in the chosen furniture and decoration. The LHVplein is a good example of this. Accessible, cozy atmosphere, lots of greenery as decoration and all details coordinated with the other suppliers. We have taken into account the wishes of the organization and the exhibitors. Then all the details are correct and you make a difference!”

Bo Enthoven (Senior Interior Stylist)

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